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Evolg Mit vanilla beige blue one size

449,00 DKK


This unique glove is a « 2 in 1 » concept with five fingers and mitten integrated. When smartphones are not used, cover the mittens and improve the warmth for cold weather. All our knitted gloves are made in Japan, with a touchscreen compatible wool.

Our Mit model can be both considered as a pair of knitted gloves and mittens. Considering weather and mood, we can wear them differently. But it is not only a look : Mitten position is very effective, being a real protection from the coldest temperatures. Produced in small workshops in the middle of Japan, Evolg casual gloves and mittens have existed for more than 10 years, and are sold today in hundreds of shops in Japan and United States. Its knitted gloves are not only warm and comfortable : they perfectly suit with all smartphones, with the greatest precision. EVOLG Europe is the brand's new distributor on our continent. We will start with France and Belgium for this first winter, with more than 20 shops selling our tendency gloves for men and women.